April 10, 2021 2 min read

We all gravitate toward different home decor styles, thanks to all of our unique preferences. Whether we realize it or not, our home décor ideas represent our personalities very well. You might even notice as you evolve as a person, your style preferences tend to evolve with you. 

If you have a difficult time articulating your flair, perhaps this style guide can help you find the perfect look that suits your personality.

Airy, Light, Organized, Energizing
For those that appreciate a clean, fresh, feeling in their home, with clutter completely out of sight, a minimalist style might be just for you. You can easily tie in fun colors or patterns to make the space uniquely yours, or you can keep with a natural vibe, all while having a light and relaxing space.


Stylish, Cultured, Organized, Inviting
Blending together style and function, Scandinavian style has many similarities to minimalistic style, but is much more chic and fashion-forward than you see with minimalistic styles. Scandinavian designs ensure an airy space thanks to the functional décor, while bringing in stylistic touches that make your home feel even more inviting for guests.


Edgy, Clean, Artistic, Earthy
If you also appreciate clean lines, but consider yourself to be a bit more edgy, industrial décor styles may be perfect for you. Exposed brick, varying textures, and an open-concept feel make for the perfect industrial-styled space (and the perfect place to read a book on a rainy day).
Nature-inspired, Cozy, Relaxing
Continuing the trend of the natural elements we saw with industrial styles; rustic décor styles add a level of coziness to the space. Rustic designs allow you to bring to life the unique elements your home has to offer, while creating the feeling of a peaceful vacation in the mountains.
Stylish, Lively, Retro, Bright
The most forward of the design styles in this list is perhaps Shabby-Chic. It is in the name, but this style is all about making a statement while keeping comfort front of mind. In a shabby-chic home, you are likely to find funky accents with light colors and earth tones balancing the loud statement pieces.

Which style are you drawn to? Are you hyper-organized and appreciate a space that brings you energy? Are you artistic, looking for a space that is functional, earthy, and maybe a bit moody? Now that you know which design style represents your personality, you can get shopping for beautiful décor and home accents that suit you. It’s time to love coming home!
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